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    Across the museum’s tightly confined space is a treasure trove of handcrafted items, produced by prisoners throughout the history of internment and imprisonment of republicans in Ireland.Katie Markham - The Irish Times
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    The Museum’s Story

    The Eileen Hickey Irish Republican History Museum situated in the heart of West Belfast along the Falls Road in the Conway Mill Complex. The mill itself dates back as far as 1842 and has been in community use for the last 40 years. The museum was opened in February 2007 on the first anniversary of the passing of Eileen Hickey. Eileen was one of the biggest contributing factors to the majority of artifacts that you may see inside the museum today. She had spent many years collecting and retrieving different pieces of Irish and British History to store and show to the next generation for the purpose of education and remembering the hard times of the past.

    Now open 10 years the museum still recognises the hard work that Eileen put in to make the Irish History Museum what it is today. There have been hundreds of additional exhibits donated by families from all over Northern Ireland and abroad to be preserved and put on display for the public to come and see.

    Key Exhibits Include:
    • A jacket worn by IRA Volunteer Mairead Farrell while in prison.
    • A cell door and bed removed from Armagh's Women's prison.
    • A life size model of a prison cell from the Armagh Prison
    • A library and interpretive centre to help with educational projects and those conducting historical research
    • A large array of images, posters and newspapers related to the conflict