Your Visit

There is no admission fee for you to gain entrance into the museum. We provide an educational experience and we hope when you leave you have an enlightened perspective on what the last 40 years and beyond has been like. With over 5000 artifacts dating back as far as the late 1700's there's a special place in history for the pieces we have. We do accept donations to maintain the museum, exhibitions and level of service provided.
Car Parking
There are multiple car parking spaces from within the Conway Mill Complex. The museum is the first entrance to the mill on the right hand side whilst in Conway Street. There are multiple spaces within the complex and also outside that includes reserved parking for disabled badge holders also.
Tour Groups
Over the years Belfast taxi tour groups have been using the museum to reinforce the history of the last 40 years. We find this gives tourists a realistic feel for just what exactly happened during the conflict. TaxiToursNI is one tour group is particular who promote the use of the museum and we would like to further open that invite to any groups that would like to come in, feel free to do so.