Visiting the Museum

We welcome you and your guests to the Eileen Hickey Museum where you will find treasured history, handcrafted artefacts created by prisoners while serving in Long Kesh and weapons used throughout 'The Troubles' within Belfast and the wider North. The museum encompasses and captures the Irish struggle across all the platforms that were present during the time and are timeless in the effect they have across generations.
Eileen Hickey Museum Artefact

Handcrafted Items

Many prisoners of Long Kesh spent their time sculpting what are now timeless museum pieces housed within the Eileen Hickey Irish Republican History Museum. The hand carved wooden harp below is by Johnny Haddock to Eileen Hickey. Carved in the 1970's during Johnny's time in Long Kesh.
Eileen Hickey Museum Artefact

Need To Know...

Where To Find Us

Conveniently situated just off the Falls Road, you can reach us from the City Centre in one of a few ways.

  • It's roughly a 40 minute walk from Belfast City Hall.
  • You can also use the local Black Taxi Service
  • Glider Route G1
  • Private Cab (Uber etc...)

Eileen Hickey Museum
5 Conway Place, BelfastĀ 
BT13 2DA